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About Us

A grand joint venture well bonded to imprint a remarkable milestone in the real estate market, two industry giants determined to change the norm and build communities that inspire. Akam, with its wide experience and innovative solutions to enhance human lives, and AlRajhi, with a great history of trust established over the years, are creating a new name today to empower the world with a brand new definition of an enhanced homesteading. Join our family and live the change.


Tomorrow is our Vow

Our Mission

Building Communities that Speak Happiness

Introducing happiness to the real estate market as a necessity rather than a luxury, by building inspiring communities, crafted upon studies to understand and fulfil human needs through paying attention to the simplest details and providing innovative humane solutions that respond to physical and psychological needs of customers.

Our Vision

Inspiring tomorrow’s generations

To humanize the real estate experience, abandon the stereotyped concepts and norms of the real estate markets, and enhance human welfare.

Board Members

Essam Mansour


Edrees Mohamed


Abdelwahab Alrajhi

Board Member

Saad El Ghaithi

Board Member

Hisham Kandeel

Board Member



Welcome to D.O.S.E of happiness at Sahel

Feel the singularity of existing in a new world every season, breaking every routine in a place filled with amusement, where you get to explore brand new Sahel tailored upon studies to comfort your senses, answer your needs, and make you live the happiest summer memories.

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